Current role

I joined as a Senior Test Architect (Testing) at Global Analytics India Pvt Ltd (a subsidiary of GAIN Credit) in January this year.

First Impressions

After 14 years, 9 companies, and an international stint in Singapore, I arrived here. In the initial stages, I was also wary (like any new joiner) about the prospects of this opportunity and how it’ll shape up for me.

To give credit where it’s due, my colleagues welcomed me with open arms, and soon enough I felt that I’ve been here a long time. The inherent culture of trust and mutual respect is something which I really value – it’s a trait which sets a ‘great’ company apart from a ‘good’ one.

7 months into my new role now, and I feel completely at home here. On the work front, I believe that we’re poised to take a quantum leap (in terms of upgrading our current tech infrastructure and taking it to the next level), and I am happy to be part of that process.

What prompted me to take up a job here 

When you’re a decade (and a bit more 😊) old in the workforce, and have a family to take care of, you tend to tread with extreme caution. One misstep can land you in troubled waters, and that’s precisely something I wanted to avoid at any cost.

While evaluating this opportunity, I was quite careful in terms of doing an expectation vs reality check in terms of my aspirations and what the company had to offer. And I scored a perfect 10 on my assessment; the company values, its overall profile in the market, the work we do – it all adds up to a very positive, employee centric and business focused workplace, which encourages me to bring my best self to work every day.

The bubbling energy of a high-performance culture complemented by a customer-focused approach aimed at addressing both long-term and short-term business priorities – this company offers the best of all worlds in one workplace. Add amazing people to the mix, and you’re looking at a winner which takes pride in its people and performance!

Passions outside work – Get to know the ‘real me’

Partying and parenting – that’s what I do outside of work.

On weekends, you’ll most likely find me shaking a leg to the latest tracks at a dance joint or playing a doting father to my lovely sons: 8-year old Bhagatveera and 6-year old Samarveera!

In fact, my elder son is named after Bhagat Singh – one of our nation’s greatest patriots, and someone who I truly admire.

Give your best to work, and to life as well – that’s what I believe in.

There you have it folks – another multi-faceted star is set to rise on our horizon. And we will make sure that he shines as bright as his potential.

All the very best Krishna, we hope you have a stellar journey with us.

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