Fair treatment and good outcomes for customers

I do the right thing


I take responsibility for my actions, aiming to do what’s right. If I make a mistake, I admit it. I own the consequences, rectify, and learn from it.​


I stand up for what is right even when it’s not easy or there’s pressure. I encourage others to do the same. I leverage appropriate channels to report and address issues.​


I communicate openly and honestly. I say what I’ll do and then I follow through. I provide accurate and timely information as needed.​

Work ethics

I consistently follow our code of conduct and uphold ethical standards in all my actions.​

Respect and Fairness

I foster an environment of mutual respect and integrity. I treat everyone, including customers and colleagues, with impartiality and equity. I strive for fairness in all decisions and interactions.


I keep sensitive information, such as customer data, safe and within secure areas. I make sure it stays private and isn’t shared without permission.​

I go out of my way

Customer first

I embrace a boundaryless approach. I raise any issues that could impact good customer outcomes. I respect roles but do not ignore problems outside my assigned tasks.


I actively remove obstacles and non-value adding steps. I support colleagues and prioritise resources to resolve customer’s pain points.


I ensure information is timely, correct and easy to understand.

Conflict handling

I understand conflicts can happen during group effort. I resolve, accommodate diverse perspectives and overcome challenges. I prioritise our commitment to fair treatment and good outcomes for our customers.

Positive engagement

I actively reflect on how my words and actions affect others. I seek and provide constructive feedback for improvement. I am caring, helpful, and supportive, but also challenging so we achieve the best customer outcomes.


I keep an open mind and engage in fair and objective discussions. I strive to ensure that everyone feels respected and heard. By embracing empathy and valuing different ideas, we can come up with innovative ways to serve our customers.

I seek to understand


I ask questions to understand how things work and how my work aligns with our goals.  I seek timely clarification.​


I work on becoming more comfortable with ambiguity. I apply critical thinking and make informed decisions. I rely on data and facts to guide my decisions and prevent biases, ensuring fair customer outcomes.​


I challenge the status quo to encourage innovation and better solutions for our customers. I take considered risks and try new things. I learn from failures and always act thoughtfully, not carelessly.​


I strive to be at my best in the role. I proactively seek developmental feedback. I work hard to improve my skills and knowledge. I take on newer and challenging tasks, even if they’re not part of my usual duties.


I stay updated on industry trends and advancements. I explore new concepts and challenge my own understanding, to stay ahead and drive innovation.​


I value teamwork and welcome different viewpoints. I learn from these unique insights and share knowledge to integrate work. I encourage curiosity and welcome questions, including challenges to my decisions.​

I strive to make things better


Knowledge fuels innovation. I continuously learn to excel in my domain. I leverage diverse resources like books, articles, mentorship, and online content. ​

Quality assurance

I reject mediocrity. I focus on solving, simplifying, and stabilising processes. I include measures to prevent and spot mistakes in our processes. This ensures consistency of good quality results for our customers.

Problem solving

I pay close attention to details and proactively identify issues. I focus on finding stable solutions rather than assigning blame. I encourage my colleagues to take ownership and improve.​


I support and coach my team to improve knowledge, skills and capability. I am deeply invested in their well-being and success, which strengthens the team and improves customer outcomes.​


I motivate my colleagues to take initiatives and contribute meaningfully. I help them gain confidence in their ability to make a difference.​


As a leader, I promote well-thought-through experimentation. I cultivate a deep understanding of our business, customers, and market. This supports well-informed decisions and drives innovative solutions for our customers.​

I take responsibility


I deliver without reminders. I understand the objectives, anticipate needs and challenges. If I am lost, I seek timely explanation, learn, adapt, and execute. I follow right processes and strive for excellence for our customers.​


I am self-motivated and determined. I take pride in overcoming challenges with tenacity and resilience. I navigate setbacks to achieve our shared customer-focused goals.

Attention to details

I take pride in my work and output. I pay rigorous attention to details. I find fulfilment in executing tasks with care and precision. Ensuring our customers receive the highest quality results is central to my approach.

Knowledge continuity

I create detailed and easy to follow documents. This supports information sharing, reduces risks, and aids problem-solving for our customers. I ensure seamless knowledge transfer and close loops.


I take responsibility for my performance in my role. I am self-aware and actively address my developmental needs. I take good care of my health and well-being.

Peak performance support

I hold people accountable to high standards to provide the best outcomes for our customers. I care and work hard to support my colleagues to perform at their best. I recognise and celebrate personal and team achievements.

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