At the GAIN Credit Group, we pride ourselves in nurturing and fostering a culture of shared success and mutual growth. Our emergence as a company-of-choice in the alternative lending industry is due to the dedication, focus and commitment of our workforce – a group of supremely talented, loyal and experienced fintech professionals, who leverage their deep domain knowledge and expertise to create great value for our business!

Today, we introduce you to another such professional: John Manoj, Product Manager – Product Management.

Let’s tune in to his story of success with us…

My journey with GAIN Credit

This is my first job. It has made me what I am today.

After completing my master’s degree in computer applications (MCA) from the Mepco schlenk Engineering College (Sivakasi), I joined GAIN Credit (GC) in 2010.

Following a rewarding stint with the Business Operations team (now known as DevOps), I got the opportunity to shift to the Product Management team sometime during 2016. And that’s where I am today.

9 years.

Each moment has been full of action and challenges – and I have backed myself to deal with every challenge which has been thrown at me.

Although it’s very tough to recount all the steps on my corporate journey with GC, there’ve been a few milestones which are very close to my heart:

  • A critical gap analysis initiative undertaken during my stint with the DevOps team which proved to be very useful for the company.
  • Traveling to the UK (for the first time) and playing a supporting role in a collaborative project aligned with the Office of Fair Trading, the previous avatar of the FCA.
  • Being closely involved in the launch of Drafty and contributing my inputs towards the roll out of Drafty’s website.

As I sit back now and reflect on my time spent with the company, I can just say one thing: if you are wiling to try and put your hand up, GC will give you all the support you need to succeed. It prepares you to be an all-rounder in the true sense of the word – you just need to be committed to give your best!

Key people I work with 

A difficult question to answer. But I will try my best to give credit where it’s deservedly due.

While I’ve received support from all quarters as I’ve trudged along, there are a few ‘special ones’ who’ve backed me when the chips were down and motivated me to always push my boundaries, including:

  • Sriram Seshadri, a great friend and an amazing mentor during my first stint with the Business Operations team.
  • Vijayakumar (former Leadership Team member of GC), my first line manager – and more importantly – the architect of my career path in the company.
  • Ashwin Sekar, an inspirational leader who always motivates me to give my best and realize my true potential.
  • Shibani Patnaik (ex-employee), another one of those special folks who helped me get up to speed with the business during my formative years.

When you want to go fast, go alone. When you want to go far, go together.

In that respect, I feel extremely fortunate to have been associated with some of the best brains in the industry while charting my journey. I would have not been able to make it this far without the stellar support of my colleagues and managers – I owe my success to them!

Why do I look forward to each day at GAIN Credit Group?


That’s what everyone in life is looking for, right?

Irrespective of how people measure personal success, I strongly believe that everything in life is about fulfillment – getting what you deserve and feeling content as you go about managing your responsibilities.

If I work a job which helps me meet my financial aspirations, gives me a chance to learn something new every day, allows me the freedom to express my thoughts and ideas (without bias/prejudice), and takes care of me as a family member (and not just as a ‘resource’), I don’t think I can ask for anything more.

I am a workaholic, someone who likes to run around and get the job done. Even if it means running around, following up feverishly with colleagues, or doing a dozen meetings per day.

But I never feel tired.


Because I feel accepted, loved and celebrated at GC – and it’s the best feeling in the world!

Out-of-Office: My personal time

I am a simple homebody. I look forward to a hot cup of coffee with my family, engaging conversations with relatives, and spending time with loved ones.

With God’s blessings, I got married to Rubia in 2015, and we have a lovely little daughter named Jia. My best half and my bundle of joy give me enough reasons to run back home every day. As I take my daughter in my arms after coming back from work, I always remember to say a silent ‘Thank you’ to the powers that be – for giving me a loving family, a job that I am proud of, and a life blessed with faith, contentment and blessings.

That was John’s Story of Success..

 And, the next one may as well be yours! Interested in working with the GAIN Credit Group? Click here and check open positions available with us – it could be the best career decision you’ve ever made!

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