At the GAIN Credit Group, we pride ourselves in nurturing and fostering a culture of shared success and mutual growth. Our emergence as a company-of-choice in the alternative lending industry is due to the dedication, focus and commitment of our workforce – a group of supremely talented, loyal and experienced fintech professionals, who leverage their deep domain knowledge and expertise to create great value for our business!

Today, we introduce you to one such professional: Mahalakshmi Subramaniam – Sr. Software Engineer

Let’s chart her journey of success with us…

Life before joining the GAIN Credit Group

After completing a 5-year integrated course with the Coimbatore Institute of Technology (which helped me earn a Master’s Degree in Science with specialization in Software Engineering), I joined the GAIN Credit Group in 2015. Although I had interned briefly with a couple of organizations, this turned out to be my first full-time role, one that I am enjoying to the hilt!

The best things in life are unplanned, they say. Who could relate to that better than me?

Thinking back, I had actually come to my college for a project submission. That’s when a friend approached me with some very good words about this new company which had come for a campus placement session. Going by the positive feedback, I attended the interview. And before I knew it, a new journey had started, one that would re-define my stature and standing both as a person and as a professional.

My role in driving value for the GAIN Credit Group

To be honest, I was very lucky to have joined the organization at the perfect time. I learnt the tricks of the trade while contributing towards the core development phase of a company-wide platform evolution initiative. This initiative had a far-reaching positive impact on all the operational aspects of the organization.

Feeling a bit like “Alice in the Technology Wonderland”, I was initially overwhelmed with the jargon and techie terms being used. Slowly and steadily though, with the superb assistance and mentoring of my seniors and peers, I started coming up to speed with the way of working here.

Thanks to their support, and my own efforts at optimizing a few elements (which had visible and quantifiable business impact), I got promoted to Senior Software Engineer in 2018 – a role which gives me the opportunity to don a variety of hats. From researching and benchmarking software tools that work best for our business, optimizing the current workflows, to mentoring new joiners and helping them understand the important facets of the platform-evolution, I love every bit of my job here; it gives me a chance to become more of what I always wanted to be and extend my skillset beyond the obvious.

Key people I work with 


To be honest, it’d be slightly difficult for me to put a finger on this one, considering that everyone’s played a role in my journey here. In terms of my superiors, I would definitely like to mark out a few names – including Amruth for being my first mentor and sharpening my problem-solving abilities, Anbarasan and Nisanth for teaching me the art of finding solutions through a collaborative approach, Devaraj for helping me discover perspectives and views beyond the workspace and our daily routines, and Senthil Selva for inspiring me to hone my self-evaluation and assessment skills (learning from your own mistakes).

Apart from them, I can’t think of going through an entire day without Vivek, Siddhant, Krishna, Shanmugapriya and Thilak – colleagues who constitute my second family and ensure that the GAIN Credit Group feels just like a home-away-from-home!

Why do I look forward to each day at the GAIN Credit Group?

Addressing new challenges, making mistakes (and learning from them) as well as learning something innovative every day!

That’d perhaps sum it up in the best manner possible. As an organization, the GAIN Credit Group walks the talk in terms of giving its employees the ‘space to learn’; we are encouraged and motivated to contribute to areas beyond our domain of work, even if it means making a mistake or falling short on your/your manager’s expectations. It’s all ok, as long as you are willing to learn from it and internalize the inputs therein. The trust, faith and goodwill that you experience as a GAIN Credit employee   an employee of the GAIN Credit Group is something which automatically brings the best out of you, as you feel empowered, respected and motivated to give more than 150% to work each and every day!

Oh yes – while doing all the great things we do, we don’t forget to have our share of fun! We never let work get in the way of leisure, or leisure get in the way of work. As we smile and share funny tit-bits with colleagues, bond with friends over a cup of coffee or discuss the finer aspects of life with peers and friends, we never let the graph go down on the to-do lists for the team. Over time, we have learnt to strike a fine balance between work and play, and we adhere to the same with complete commitment.

Why a career with the GAIN Credit Group could be the best decision of your life

After all that I have said, I am sure that you would have more than a fair idea about what puts us leagues ahead of anyone else. In case you are still unconvinced, let me just tell you that the GAIN Credit Group is one organization which well and truly enables you to set the agenda for your life, in line with your priorities and choices. Our company believes in letting people focus on what they love in life, while also doing something worthwhile to make a living. At a time when organizations are adopting a boot camp-like, closeted and take-it-or-leave-it kind of approach, the GAIN Credit Group comes across as a breath of fresh air, a testimony of the fact that work-life balance still exists and is an essential component of what it takes to succeed in the ultra-competitive corporate environment!

Out-of-Office: My personal time

The next time you get a whiff of some freshly-made, tempting pink sauce pasta at the Chennai office, it would most probably be me! Not meaning to beat my own trumpet, but people out here really love my cooking and I return the favor by treating them to some finger-licking delicacies.

Additionally, I am also a bit of a handicraft creator. Bangles, ear-rings, ornaments – you name it and I make it.

To reiterate what I said, I have been able to do all this and more because I am part of an organization which inspires you to aim, achieve and aspire for things much beyond the workspace. It’s a blessing in disguise to be part of a company which seeks to develop you as an all-rounder instead of just being a workstation-specialist – another reason why I love to come to office every day!

That was Mahalakshmi’s Story of Success. And, the next one may as well be yours! Interested in working with the GAIN Credit Group? Click here and check open positions available with us – it could be the best career decision you’ve ever made!

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