At the GAIN Credit Group, we pride ourselves in nurturing and fostering a culture of shared success and mutual growth. Our emergence as a company-of-choice in the alternative lending industry is due to the dedication, focus and commitment of our workforce – a group of supremely talented, loyal and experienced fintech professionals, who leverage their deep domain knowledge and expertise to create great value for our business!

Today, we introduce you to another such professional: Anusha Gontla, Senior Analyst I – Customer Engagement (Marketing & Customer Management)

Let’s chart her journey of success with us… 

Life before joining the GAIN Credit Group

Interesting question.

Interesting because I arrived here at the back of a 1.5 yr stint which saw me don a variety of hats.

From providing tech support to delivery executives in a furniture selling firm, improving warehouse inventory accuracy by nearly 20% (very difficult to achieve given the unstructured nature of operations there),  introducing hand-held devices to the warehouse staff, to doing core analysis for another organization for 5 months, I built up my skills on multiple fronts: always being the one to put my hand up and say ‘yes’ to every new opportunity.

Even then I felt I lacked something critical – the power to choose the job that I really wanted to do, excel at that and be satisfied with what I had done and achieved. Customer experience management was my true calling (in fact, I took up my second job with the hope of getting a shot at the company’s marketing team – but got saddled with warehousing operations instead).

On my journey to achieve my dream, I came across a couple of options – one with the world’s best-known e-commerce retailer and the other one with Global Analytics India Pvt ltd (a subsidiary of GAIN Credit). Practically speaking, it was a no-brainer; going by the company’s brand name (as well as their insistence to give me a role in my base location, provide me the ‘comfort’ of a desk-job), anyone would have opted for the former – but, I consciously chose the second option.


Because it gave me a chance to do what I always wanted – create amazing customer experiences! And, I’ve never looked back since 😊 except at how far I’ve gone, and how far I need to go.

For me job satisfaction takes precedence over anything & everything else.

The power of being associated with a seemingly ‘bigger brand’ may be a quick fix for your ego. But, doing what you love is what helps you be the best version of yourself – that’s what I’ve become at GAIN Credit!

My role in driving value for the GAIN Credit Group

Our team works on strengthening the foundation on which our lending business has been built.

A sustainable business requires a huge base of loyal and happy customers. We ensure customer delight and delivery of an unmatched service experience through identification of customer pain-points and exploring ways to mitigate the same.

Key people I work with  

Although my work involves cross-functional collaboration and interaction with a lot of team-members across the globe – I’d still mark out my association with Tushar and Sathya as the pivot around which my day-to-day priorities take shape.

Speaking of Tushar, I feel that he’s one of those special folks who always give us the freedom, space and flexibility to truly be ourselves. We are almost always assigned projects within areas that we’d like to work on, and he goes the extra mile to ensure that we experience complete job satisfaction each day at work.

Being a new member of the team, Sathya is like a breath of fresh air 😊 he brings with him new customer experience insights which help us take an out-of-the-box approach towards ensuring customer delight – it’s a learning curve which gets a little interesting every day!

Why do I look forward to each day@GAIN Credit Group?

Because it helped me live my dream.

Yes – that’s true.

Despite being an expert in multiple areas, my heart was always set out on becoming a customer experience professional.

One of the underlying reasons for this passion is my undying love for Psychology – both as a subject and as a tool to assess human behaviour.

To substantiate this bit, let me share an anecdote from one of the more personal chapters of my life. As a student guidance professional during my university days, I’ve counselled students facing deep depression situations, motivated a potential suicide victim to give up the idea and pursue the path to achievement (scoring the top rank in a country-wide entrance examination), persuaded a perpetual liar to kick the habit, and formed a strong bond of friendship with another girl who came back from the brink (rescued after consuming multiple pain-killers in a bid to end her life).

For me it’s always been about helping people, correcting situations and basically ensuring that all’s-well-that-ends-well by leveraging my skills in psychology and analytics.

So, when you get the opportunity to implement the same approach in a professional environment and build lasting goodwill for your company, see the excellent results of putting in all the hard miles, work in an environment which motivates you to give more than your best, and have the best colleagues and leaders to support you at work – who in their right mind would not love the job!

I am hopelessly in love with GAIN Credit 😊And I hope to remain so for a long time to come!

Out-of-Office: My personal time

It’s about living the Korean dream.

To say that I am a fan would be an understatement. I am passionate about anything and everything Korean (tradition, drama, music, culture, language, food).

Be it relishing the Kimchi Fried Rice (it’s quite yummy) or exploring the link between Tamil and Korean culture (I recently discovered that there are 209 similar words between both the languages), I spend a lot of time appreciating the finer nuances of this beautiful, mysterious country.

And, when I am not indulging my ‘Korean side’, I take off with my husband on fun get-togethers with my family. Very recently, I was part of a 45-member close knit family gathering (for New year eve) – a memorable occasion where all of us shared a few beautiful moments together.

That’s me: a psychologist by passion, a customer experience expert by profession, and a family person at heart.

I told you in the beginning – I don a variety of hats 😊 and try to balance them all at the same time too!

That was Anusha’s Story of Success.

 And, the next one may as well be yours! Interested in working with the GAIN Credit Group? Click here and check open positions available with us – it could be the best career decision you’ve ever made!

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