At the GAIN Credit Group, we pride ourselves in nurturing and fostering a culture of shared success and mutual growth. Our emergence as a company-of-choice in the alternative lending industry is due to the dedication, focus and commitment of our workforce – a group of supremely talented, loyal and experienced fintech professionals, who leverage their deep domain knowledge and expertise to create great value for our business! 

Today, we introduce you to another such professional: Anandan Mohan – SEO Lead (Marketing & Customer Management) 

Let’s chart his journey of success with us…  

Life before joining the GAIN Credit Group 

To give you a clear perspective, I had joined the GAIN Credit Group in May’17. 

Having worked for 8 years across startups, mid-size firms and conglomerates alike, I’d had my fair share of experience and expertise in the corporate world. The move to GAIN Credit was essentially fueled by my passion to learn more about the finer aspects of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, SEO and GTM (Google Tag Manager); a new platform which is fast becoming a technology-of-choice in the world of SEO. 

My role in driving value for the GAIN Credit Group 

Watering the roots of the tree to ensure that it stays strong and bears fruit 😊 

That’s one way of putting it. 

For the uninitiated, I primarily work on strengthening our lending products’ (Lending Stream & Drafty) visibility and presence on the internet with the aim of driving higher traffic to our online properties. 

As we all understand, the volume of traffic is directly proportional to potential revenue streams for the business. I work on this goal through: 

  • Optimization of selected keywords for our financial products   
  • Shoring up our ranking on organic searches  
  • Undertaking internet marketing campaigns
  • Adding keywords to our online properties and optimizing our website accordingly
  • Reducing the Cost per Lead  

Normally, it’s difficult to objectively judge or draw inferences on your performance within a year of joining.

That’s precisely where I feel proud to share that our efforts have translated into quantifiable results; point-in-case being the fact that Drafty’s keyword ranking has shot up to the 8th position* overall (among the Top 20 keywords for our sector) within a span of 6 months!  

Of course, it’s not been a one-man effort. 

Everyone’s put in a lot of hard work and undertaken granular research to take us where we are today. And, I am happy to be an integral part of the machine which keeps our business up & running in an otherwise complex, dynamic and ever-evolving market. 

Key people I work with   


If I were to do something on the lines of a Top 3 list, I’d like to mark out Neil (for approving and supporting all my zany implementation ideas), Harshit (for encouraging me to think beyond and trying out different) and Chris (for always providing excellent content support to bolster my keyword-focused campaigns). 

Fear of failure is one of the biggest ‘perceived obstacles’ which prevents us from achieving our true potential. On the absolute contrary, my colleagues and seniors at GAIN Credit have always encouraged me to look beyond my current skills, explore and evaluate new means to build up the business and basically spread my wings and fly high. 

Why do I look forward to each day@GAIN Credit Group? 

Empowerment and Faith. 

Yes, that’s how I see it. 

Unlike most organizations I worked with, I’ve seen GAIN Credit walk the talk on empowering its employees – it’s a mindset which has been fostered through years of self-conditioning, discipline and respect for basic human principles. 

From that comes faith – a sense of trust in your employees; a belief that we are all grown-up, matured people who are working towards the company’s best interests in mind. 

Never have I been judged for asking questions (no matter how naïve they may be). 

Never have I felt hesitant in openly discussing my thoughts with my seniors or super-seniors. 

Never have I encountered any kind of office politics, nepotism or favoritism (which might be seen as the ‘norm’ in some companies today). 

Never have I come across an organization which truly cares for its people as much as we do.  

Be it the flexible working policies, the relaxed working environment, the approachability of our leadership, it all leads up to the fact that we are indeed a Great Place to Work! 

Why a career with GAIN Credit Group could be the best decision of your life 

Life is a process of evolution and growth. And your career is an integral component of your life. 

Everyone can get a job (literally). But, to make a career, you need holistic learning, an inherent willingness to sail into uncharted waters, the backing and support of your seniors, and opportunities to bloom into the professional you were always meant to be. 

GAIN Credit is all that and more – it’s a temple of learning which motivates you to be a better version of yourself each day. In sharp contrast to some businesses which work solely towards building profits, we pursue our business goals through empowering lives – of our customers as well as our employees.   

Out-of-Office: My personal time 

I am a doting father, a family man and an avid biker – in that order 😊 

With Yoshit’s arrival in my life 2 years ago, I rush to my child’s arms first thing after returning from work. 

My bike is my ‘second love’ of sorts. Riding in the outdoors, with the wind hitting my face, really gets me going and makes me feel awesome to say the least. 

Life’s been kind – I am grateful for what I have and where I work. 

That was Anandan’s Story of Success. 

And, the next one may as well be yours! Interested in working with the GAIN Credit Group? Click here and check open positions available with us – it could be the best career decision you’ve ever made! 

*accurate as of 20/08/2018

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