I am so thrilled that Global Analytics was just named one of India’s Top 50 best companies to work for by the Great Place to Work Institute. Here are some of the reasons I think we earned the title.

Lasting relationships are built on trust and respect for each other. At Global Analytics, we constantly endeavour to leverage open and clear two-way communication – that is essential to build a culture of trust. We encourage our people to ask management tough and direct questions through various platforms and mediums available to them. We also share ongoing business updates that help our people understand business situations as transparently as possible. Our value of “trust and respect for people” is the guiding force that helps us in anchoring all the people related decisions. Therefore, our people feel at home and carry their complete self at work.

Our people policies have been thoughtfully designed to honour the different needs of our diverse work force. We do not believe in work life balance, and rather think that there is just one life and work happens to be one of the facets of it. Through our Work Life Integrationprogram, we encourage our people to address variety of needs and continue to support them through various life event transitions.

Our talent philosophy is built on a belief that each individual is unique and possess unique strengths. It becomes imperative for organizations to match individual strengths with what the role demands. Our Wheel of Success takes the competencies required by the business to succeed. Therefore, at an individual level, our people understand what behaviours create success for them at work. Supporting programs like Raise Your Hand and Help You Grow ensure our people continue to build their skills and evaluate roles where they will be successful.

We also believe that meaningful learning opportunities are best created on-the-job. Our Learning Promise encourages our people to create their own learning maps based on their preferred style of learning. Our performance assessments leverage 360 degree feedback collected from peers, cross functional teams, manager and direct reports to remove any element of subjectivity.

Lastly, I believe great workplaces go beyond the financial rewards. At Global Analytics, we have cemented our relationship with our people through our total rewards philosophy. We believe that each individual has different needs and thus needs to be rewarded differently. Our bouquet of rewards includes not only financial rewards but continues to leverage components like non-financial rewards, challenging work, personal well-being, great work culture and a promise to provide learning opportunities.

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