Work at GC


Working at GAIN Credit isn’t just a job.

It’s a community of passionate individuals constantly seeking to do better, by being better.

We’re proud of the culture we built, where camaraderie is just as important as coding, and personal growth is the responsibility of both the employee and employer. Compensation goes far beyond your salary. Here’s how we do it.

Our Total Rewards Philosophy

Financial Rewards

We always aim to provide competitive compensation packages and include additional bonuses for strong performance. In our India offices, we also provide additional support such as daily transportation to / from work, meal allowances and mobile / internet expense reimbursements

Challenging Work

We’re dedicated to creating an inspiring work environment that enables you to grow. Promotion opportunities are available twice a year, and there are several internal programs to help you find your best career path. Plus, our regular online quizzes and hackathons give you platforms to let your intellectual horsepower shine

Great Work Culture

The foundation of culture is collaboration. We make sure every employee has a voice – and an opportunity to be heard. We do this by providing frequent town hall meetings, engagement surveys, employee recognition awards, community outreach programs, and more. We also recognize the value of having fun@work, and host sporting events and company outings to foster bonding both in and out of the office. We value team off-sites as much as formal meetings; our people are our biggest assets and we take care to ensure that they feel as much at home within the company as otherwise. That’s precisely why we have lower attrition rates than most in the industry, as our people feel respected, valued and empowered, at each stage of their journey with us

Personal Well-Being

We want to empower each of our employees become their best self. We provide ample time off, work from home options, on-site gyms, (in cetain geographies), 24×7 counseling services and more

Learning Promise

We look to hire people with a constant hunger to learn. Your development is a shared responsibility between you and GC. We honour that passion by providing both on-the-job and off-the-job learning opportunities, consistent coaching, mentorship and performance evaluation, as well as opportunities to work across our global offices, attend workshops, conferences and more

We take immense pride in our people & our way-of-working, which seeks to build an individual’s all-round capabilities through initiatives aimed at shaping their knowledge, experience & expertise. We are counting on you and you can count on us, to build an amazing future together!