We are a carbon neutral business

Since 2020, we have been a carbon-neutral business. Responsiblity is one of our core principles at GAIN credit, applied to all areas of our business, including the environment.
This year in 2022, we have tied up with Carbon Neutral Britan (carbonneutralbritain.org) and offset our 575 tonnes of carbon for 2021’s emissions.

Here are the four projects we are supporting and have contributed to account for our 575 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Burgos Wind Farm – Philippines

The Burgos Wind Project is the largest wind farm in the Philippines. At the time it was built, it was also considered to be one of the largest wind farms in South East Asia. It is located in one of the best areas in the country to generate clean energy from wind. The 150-MW facility has fifty (50) Vestas V90 wind turbines, each with a rated capacity of 3 MWs. The wind farm has a substation which is connected to a 43 KM 115 kV Transmission Line to the Laoag substation of the grid operator, the NGCP (National Grid Corporation of the Philippines).

Project Impact and Secondary Benefits: Preventing Fossil Fuel Burn for Energy, Education within the Community and Employment


Rice Husk Power Project – Cambodia

The Angkor Bio Cogen (ABC) project is the first renewable energy project to utilize rice husk as biomass fuel for electricity generation in Cambodia, involves the operation of 2 MW new rice husk power generation plant in the Kandal province.
The electricity generated from biomass power plant to the Angkor Rice Mill that, in absence of the project activity, uses diesel oil to generate electricity for the rice mill operation. Besides from this, ABC provides surplus electricity to neighbouring factories and community through the power utility in Angsnoul District that, in the absence of the project activity, use diesel oil or batteries for their uses.

Project Impact and Secondary Benefits:
Emissions Reductions
Social Development


Huaneng Changyi Wind Farm Project – China

The purpose of the Huaneng Changyi Phase II Wind Farm Project is the generation of electricity from wind and the supply of this electricity to the North China Power Grid (NCPG, or the Grid). The Project Activity has installed and is operating 33 wind turbines with a capacity of 1500 kW each. Therefore, the project scenario is the installation of 49.5 MW of renewable energy power generation capacity, and the net supply to the Grid of 106,523 MWh per year of electricity generated from renewable energy once fully operational.

As the Grid is dominated by fossil fuel-fired power generation, and so the establishment of the Project Activity is leading to greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions, with an average 91,886 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e) per year offset.

Project Impact and Secondary Benefits: Preventing Fossil Fuel Burn for Energy,Renewable Energy Technologies and Employment


Andes Mountains Hydro Power – Chile

Located in the Tinguiririca River upper valley, this Hydroelectric project is around 120km south of Santiago, Chile.
Known as La Confluencia, the 163 MW run of river hydro power plant utilizes the hydrological resources of the Tinguiririca, Portillo and Azufre Rivers, in a run of river scheme to generate and supply zero emission energy to the Chilean central electricity grid (SIC). The power plant generates certified emission reductions (CERs) by displacing electricity generation from grid connected fossil fuel-fired power plants that would otherwise be generating electricity.

Project Impact and Secondary Benefits:
Environmental Sustainability, Social Development and Flora and Fauna.